Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dublin post-mortem

Hmm... apparently our results in Dublin were so poor that I stopped updating this blog entirely! If you miss the updates you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn -- I post there more often. We did poorly in the finals in Dublin. There were a couple bright spots. One is that we made the finals in the first place, never a given. The second is that against the four top scoring teams in the competition, Monaco, Netherlands, Italy, and England, we scored 14, 16, 15, and 15 (where 15 is a tie). Holding such strong teams to draws bodes well for our future. Now we just need to tighten up our play against the middle of the pack. In any case congratulations to Monaco, the winners, and to the six teams that qualified for next year's Bermuda Bowl in Bali. The fifth and sixth place finishers, Poland and Germany, also qualify.

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